Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company supports the Arnside and Silverdale National Landscape Partnership and the  Landscape Trust


Who we are, what we do

The Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company was formed to carry out activities which benefit the community, and in particular to work to conserve and enhance the Arnside & Silverdale National Landscape.

Our shareholders and volunteers:

  • Are dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the AONB
  • Want to get the local community involved in our work
  • Want to help our villages to thrive
  • Are happy to help either by buying shares to help us achieve our aims or by volunteering their time and energy

If you think we could help you in a community or conservation project please contact us. Is there something that needs doing that would fit in with our aims? We may not know unless you tell us.




Arnside and Silverdale AONB is now the Arnside and Silverdale National Landscape. This is part of the rebranding of all Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There is a new logo and hopefully some more money to help in the important work done in our area.





Thanks to all who attended our 2023 AGM. The 

talk on Forest schools by Karin Kingshott was appreciated by all

and provoked lots of questions.




Save energy, Cut your carbon footprint, Save the environment.



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Why not join us? You would be very welcome.


These are some of the strands to our work at the moment

Low Carbon Initiative
We have helped several of our local community buildings install solar PV systems. We shared the costs of the installation and now share the Feed-in Tariff with the community building.

Energy Efficiency 
We have produced energy saving booklets to help people use wood efficiently and are helping with a local woodbank initiative. These are being updated.
We have given our first grant to a local community building to help them instal LED lighting.

Conservation of our flora and fauna
We have produced a series of 14 books to help people find and enjoy the plants and wildlife that make our AONB special
We are also working with others in the AONB to make sure our rarest species can flourish.

Conservation Grazing
All the reserves in the AONB depend on grazing to stay in good heart. We are there to help this in any way we can.

Land Watch
We keep an eye on local land sales and see if we can help any of our conservation partners if a prime site for a reserve comes up.
We also keep an eye on planning matters and send in comments if we feel that a development proposal is detrimental to the AONB.


For further information and how to get involved, follow the links at the top of this page. 


Contact us at info@bitterncountrysidecic.org.uk


                    Click  to link to our partners' websites at  the AONB Partnership or The  Landscape Trust






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