Energy Fact Sheets

Save Money, Save Energy, Save Resources.

There are five leaflets in the series, full of useful information and advice as well as a booklet Feel Good about Wood and a pamplet about avoiding plastic waste.

Electricity from Sunshine Energy Fact Sheet 1 (updated March 2018)  CLICK HERE FOR PDF
The leaflet helps de-mystify the process of fitting solar panels and highlights some local case-studies with contact details so you can benefit from others experience locally.

Heat from Trees Energy Fact Sheet 2 CLICK HERE FOR PDF
This leaflet guides you through the different types of stoves available for burning natural logs or manufactured wood fuel logs and sets out the advantages and the techniques that will ensure you get maximum benefit from burning wood.

Woodfuel Wisdom Energy Fact Sheet 3 CLICK HERE FOR PDF
Fact sheet 3 deals with buying, storing and using woodfuel. There is a bit of mystery surrounding the art of getting good logs. The secret of releasing the heat from the wood is down to seasoning and storage and a little expert knowledge.

Avoiding waste Energy Fact Sheet 4 (updated September 2012) CLICK HERE FOR PDF
Fact sheet 4 provides a lot of background information on conserving energy and reducing waste. This fact sheet will help you save lots of money, often for little or no financial effort.

Heat from Ground and Air Energy Fact Sheet 5 CLICK HERE FOR PDF
Fact sheet 5 deals with the two main types of Heat Pumps - those which derive heat from the ground and those that can extract heat from the surrounding air.

Feel Good about Wood: A Directory  CLICK HERE FOR PDF
All about wood, wood management, wood fuel and wood products in the Arnside & Silverdale AONB.

The Problem of Plastic  CLICK HERE FOR  PDF

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