Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company supports the Arnside and Silverdale AONB Partnership 
and the  Landscape Trust

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What is a CIC?

Community Interest Companies are also often called social enterprises or Not-for-Profit companies.

This latter name isn't really accurate as social enterprises are interested in making profits. However there is a clear purpose to making money but it is not about making money for the shareholders and Directors. CICs have a legal duty to fulfil their Community Interest Statement, which sets out how the Company will work for the benefit of its community. Each year the Company has to report to the CIC Regulator.

The Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company (No: 6363720) was formally incorporated on 6th September 2007 as a social enterprise. The Company's principal objective is to assist the AONB in its work with conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of Arnside & Silverdale AONB.

In common with all CICs, there is an "asset lock" from the Company to a charity or not-for-profit group which means that if it ceased operating, its remaining assets would be distributed for social/environmental purposes. In the case of the Bittern Countryside CIC, this asset lock body is the Arnside & Silverdale AONB Landscape Trust. Being an asset lock body does not compromise the Trust's charitable status or place any liabilities on the Trust for the company actions /activities. It does however help to ensure that any profits made benefit the AONB and its communities.

The Bittern Countryside CIC is a private company owned by its shareholders. There are ordinary shares and management shares (available to Directors). As a private company its shares cannot be traded and are not listed on any stock market or exchange. Unlike shares in a public limited company, the CIC's shares have a fixed value, with each ordinary share valued at £10 and management shares £1. For more information look at our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Its registered office is the Old Station Building, Arnside, LA5 0HG

Some of the objectives of the company include;

  • Support all the activities of the AONB Unit in delivering the AONB Management Plan
  • Support the conservation work of AONB partner organisations working in the area
  • Encourage, promote, organise and deliver sustainable development opportunities in and around the AONB
  • Promote sustainable habitat management, habitat creation and conservation
  • Raise awareness of the special qualities of the AONB and encourage "green" community participation in the AONB
  • Co-operate with other social enterprises, agencies, local authorities and local businesses to develop the local economy sustainably

Full details of the CIC´s work can be seen in the current business plan.



          Click for our partners' websites at  the National Landscape Partnership or The  Landscape Trust




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Bittern Countryside Community Interest Company | Registered Office:- The Old Station Building, Arnside, LA5 0HG | Email: info@bitterncountrysidecic.org.uk
Registered in England - Company No: 6363720
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